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Cotton Knit Linen

Cotton-knit, Jersey Knit (sometimes referred to as Mako-Knit) has been a huge success in the retail and hospitality industry in Europe and the North America for a number of years, largely displacing the old percale technology.

Knitted sheets with their soft feel and comfort were initially developed in Europe to be super soft and flexible for bed-ridden patients.

Over the past years the most prodominent benefit of the Eco-Friendly linen is the positive guest  feedback coupled with the ease of bed making made them the linen of choice in the hospitality industry.

This success quickly spread therough thr hospitality industry and and evolved into high-end retail boutique outlets such as, Shabby Chic throughout America and Canada. The new fibre combinations and different densities soon made Jersey-Knit a household name.

Its permanent non-iron feature being a favourite benefit. The success of this linen was given a huge boost when Oprah Winfrey called the Jersey-knit sheets her ‘Discovery of the year’ in 2009.

Today Jersey-Knit has rapidly become the fabric of choice in Europe and North America for the Eco conscious and discerning shopper.


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Introducing the Next Evolution in Linen. WunderSheet the Eco Friendly Bedding
These stretchy, comfy, wrinkle-free alternatives to
flat weaves have become one of the hottest items
for the home
These stretchy, comfy, wrinkle-free alternatives to flat weaves have become one of the hottest items for the home.
  • The sheet’s biggest attraction is the fact that is wrinkle free, never needs ironing, and it imparts a beautiful finish to your bed.
  • The Wundersheet specific design makes bed making far easier, as one operator can make a bed saving valuable time.Also the sheet does not bunch so no bed remakes are ever necessary. Wundersheet’s super-elastic, means the fitted sheet does not slip off the mattress, not even from adjustable bed mattresses. Your staff and housekeepers will love it.
  • Bed Sore Treatment
  • WunderSheets are more breathable and softer out of the package and do not require several launderings to “break them in” as can sometimes be the case with muslin or percale sheets.
Why Cotton Knit
  • Soft and smooth, knitted 100% Cotton provides maximum comfort and great convenience
  • Our Four-way Stretch Construction offers a wrinkle-free surface, imparting a beautiful finish to your bed
  • Wunder Sheet’s Contour Wrap Design makes bed making far easier
  • The Super-Elastane Fabric means the fitted sheet will not slip off the corners of the mattress, even with kiddies waterproof mattresses
  • Wunder Sheet Never has to be Ironed – Ever!”