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Why Cotton Knit
  • Soft and smooth, knitted 100% Cotton provides maximum comfort and great convenience
  • Our Four-way Stretch Construction offers a wrinkle-free surface, imparting a beautiful finish to your bed
  • Wunder Sheet’s Contour Wrap Design makes bed making far easier
  • The Super-Elastane Fabric means the fitted sheet will not slip off the corners of the mattress, even with kiddies waterproof mattresses
  • Wunder Sheet Never has to be Ironed – Ever!”
  • Fabric will never appear creased reducing excess washing
  • Durable enhancing Longevity
  • Wunder Sheet is Knitted ensuring Better Breathing
  • Cool in Summer
  • Warm in Winter
  • Low levels of after wash shrinkage
  • Excellent Stain Release Properties
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Quick Drying
  • Time and energy saving
  • Cuddly soft feel
  • Great Convenience