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  • Bed Sore Treatment
  • WunderSheets are more breathable and softer out of the package and do not require several launderings to “break them in” as can sometimes be the case with muslin or percale sheets.
  • Sheets should not be so tight that they prevent you from properly sinking into a pressure reducing mattress. This is called hammocking, and it will increase the pressure on your skin.  WunderSheet knit sheets prevent hammocking, because they stretch.
  • Wrinkled sheets may cause skin friction and irritation. WunderSheets are less likely to bunch or wrinkle and are easier to keep smooth.
  • Skin shear from hospital bedding occurs when the skin rubs against bedding materials causing friction which can result in redness, irritation and possible sores. The four-way stretch on WunderSheets reduces the possibility of friction when the skin moves against the sheet